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  • Sheila Czerwonka·

    The staff were very accommodating, courteous and informative. They made sure you were completely satisfied before letting you go.

  • Mark Garcia·

    Dr.Raza is the best. Explained everything in detail. Not in a hurry. Seems to really care about his patients. And the staff was great to.

  • Brian Kline·

    Dr Raza is one of the BEST heart specialist in the world. Because of his attention to details, he was
    able to discover that my wife had a serious heart condition (absolutely no symptoms). A week later she was in the hospital getting a pacemaker.

    Dr Raza SINCERELY CARES about his patients. He explained, in detail, about her condition and the course of action we COULD take. There was nothing for us to decide, but to simply say "Yes, do that".

  • Joe Pompa·

    Love the staff at the new location. I felt comfortable during my appointment.

  • Placido salazar·

    Enjoyed our visit with Dr Raza today and everything is good, I believe he's a great dr and I will see him again in 6 months and I would recommend him to anyone

  • Steven Fechner·

    Great doctor and staff

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